Ice is a 2.5 Billion dollar industry with most of those sales being in the southern most states.

The packaged ice business, despite its lack of glamour, is a $2.5 billion industry. However, the industry is fairly antiquated. That 8 pound bag of ice purchased at the convenience store has traveled from regional ice plants that mass produce bags of ice and distributes them to specific territories. This method is subjected to increasing fuel and distribution costs, human error and the potential damage to the end product due to distribution and handling. The Ice House America® ice vending units solve all of these problems.

Ice House America® Ice Vending Units are patented (U.S. Patent No. 6,932,124 , 7,104,291 , and 7,426,945 ), free standing ice vending units that automatically dispense, at a press of a button, chipped ice to a customer in about 8 seconds. The ice is freshly made - on demand, with a smaller carbon footprint than the bagged ice that is trucked to stores. The Ice House America® modular building is NAMA Listed and meets all applicable building codes for each state in which it is placed. This includes withstanding 150 mile per hour winds.

Ice House America® ice product is clean because human hands never touch the product. It's green because the ice product has a smaller carbon footprint than competition due to being produced on demand w/o being trucked across country to refrigerated warehouses. It's better tasting due to the built in water softening and reverse osmosis system which is easily added to the base units.

Ice House America® supplies SSOP's for sanitation including:
Standards for routine cleaning of the ice unit itself
Standards for routine cleaning of the ice maker
Standards for sanitizing the ice bin
Boil water recall procedures in case of a threat to the public water system
Quarterly testing of the finished product

All Ice House America® ice vending units are subject to the standards of the applicable government food and safety regulatory agencies in their respective states and communities.

Inland Ice Territory

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