1. Are employees needed to run an Ice House?
    An Ice House is fully automated and self serve. Typically, Owners or an Investor Group with multiple units, hire someone to perform routine maintenance, cash collection, and bag replenishment. 
  2. How many bags of ice per day can an Ice House deliver?
    There are many factors that determine how many bags an Ice House can deliver. In real life application an Ice House can deliver between 300-600 bags per day. This number depends on how much time customer demand allows the ice maker and ice storage bin to recover. However if weekly demand regularly exceeds an average of 2,000 bags of ice per week a second ice maker should be added to the Ice House to increase the machine’s recovery abilities so it can produce more bags of ice.   Typically an Ice House with a large ice maker can produce 8,000 pounds of ice in a day.  Supplementing this by adding a small ice maker, an ice house could yield an additional 5,000 pounds of ice per day.
  3. Is there a way to keep track of the sales on a machine?
    Yes, the Ice House will be equipped with a sales counter to track the number of vends. To add an extra level of security and accountability a second sales counter with a lockbox or a monitoring wireless internet service may be added.
  4. What is needed to get an Ice House up and running?
    First, Inland Ice will locate a busy, high-traffic location for the Ice House. Secondly, we’ll make sure the location has water, three phase electricity, and phone lines. Once that has been confirmed, we will need to secure a lease then apply for local construction permits.  Finally, we’ll arrange for all required site improvements to be completed and inspected. Once the site is ready our technicians will deliver, install, and start up the house.
  5. What realistic timeframe is required to become operational?
    Finding a location adds the greatest time variable to opening an Ice House. Once a location is secured, becoming operational will usually take 90-120 days. (Assuming the permit is received in a timely manner.)
  6. What prevents an Ice House from being in direct competition with another Ice House?
    Through our Purchase Agreement, Inland Ice is the exclusive distributor for Ice House America products in Riverside County, California.  
  7. How do you know if there is a problem with the operation of the machine?
    If a problem occurs a phone system will automatically telephone us or one of our maintenance technicians to notify us of a problem. Wireless internet services with expanded features are also available.
  8. What is the inventory of the Ice House?
    Bags, twist ties, quarters, and ICE
  9. How big is an Ice House?
    The Ice House is approximately 200 square feet. The dimensions are 8'4" x 24' and weighs approximately 10,000 pounds.
  10. How well is an Ice House built?
    Ice Houses are built with 4” thick insulated refrigerator panels. Inside components are 100% food grade stainless steel. Ice Houses are built and anchored to withstand Hurricane winds of 150 mile per hour.
  11. Does Ice House America have a warranty policy?
    Yes. Every ice vending machine comes with a 12 month warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
  12. How do I get more information?
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