Everyone is familiar with the current system of purchasing ice at retail. You’ve experienced it yourself: you grab a small bag of ice, stand in line to pay, bang the bag on a hard surface to break it, and then realize that you need more. Well, that system is now a thing of the past, thanks to a revolutionary machine called an Ice House, manufactured by Ice House America, LLC of Moultrie, Georgia.

An Ice House is a PATENTED (U.S. Patent No. 6932124 and U.S. Patent No. 7104291) machine that provides a cost-effective way to deliver ice to consumers, utilizing a vending concept. It offers the consumer a high quality, competitively priced, convenient source for chopped ice in bulk (20 lbs.) or bag (16 lbs.). An Ice House is a stand-alone building (200 square feet - 8’x 24’x 9’) that may be installed on any site that has potable water, three-phase electricity, and is accessible.

An Ice House manufactures, stores, bags and dispenses ice to the public, and more than doubles the amount of ice the buyer receives...all for less money. The Ice House can produce and deliver over 500, 16 pound bags of ice per day, in chopped form that does not freeze together. And, the ice is delivered to the consumer in only eight seconds. Throughout this process, human hands never touch the ice. The Ice House is equipped with a sales counter and a monitoring system, so if a problem occurs, the system will automatically telephone the owner or maintenance technician to notify them.

Ice is a major market in California and a product that is consumed everyday. One does not have to look far to see the many ice storage bins that are positioned outside convenience and grocery stores, gas stations, marinas, and many other retail locations throughout the state. The reasons for ice demand are endless...outdoor activities, sporting events, picnics, caterers, special events, farming, migrant workers, construction, and lawn maintenance crews. For all of these, ice is an essential daily element.

Whether buying one bag or 100 getting ice is a breeze!

We believe our ice is the cleanest, safest ice on the market today

Ice World Journal reports that according to the CDC "Hand-based contamination is one of the leading sources for passing illness...". Our ice is never touched by human hands. All materials that come in contact with our ice during production are made of 100% food grade stainless steel. Once produced the ice is stored in a self contained food grade stainless steel bin.
After the customer deposits his/her money, ice is mechanically dropped into a bag or bulk chute and is delivered to the consumer automatically.